Coaches’ Corner

         Welcome to the Coaches’ Corner! I plan to personally update this portion of the site in efforts to  provide you with insight to my theories of football, coaching, and life. Taking a holistic approach to the game is a cornerstone of my coaching philosophy, and although I am excited to talk X’s and O’s, I hope I can also present some things that we do off-the-field that are equally vital to success.Whether you are a coach, player, or fan, I hope that this “Coaches’ Corner” becomes a resource on your quest to better understand the nuances of this great game.

-Gunter Brewer



“No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.”

-Peter F. Drucker


Day 1 (Back Hip/Shoulder)

Day 2 (Tight Turn Drills)

Day 3 (Low Arm Bar)

Day 4 (Distraction Drills)

Day 5 (Figure 8 Cone Drills)

Day 6 (Top Of The Route Cone Drill)

Day 7 (Sideline Drills)

Day 8 (Low Ball Drills)

Day 9 (Shorten The Throw)

Day 10 (One Hand Catch)


Donte Moncrief Drill Part 1

Donte Moncrief Drill Part 2

Donte Moncrief Colt WO

Donte Moncrief WR Workout

Donte Moncrief WR Drill Part 1

Donte Moncrief WR Drill Part 2


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